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Compagnie des Salins


The Salins Group is the only company that has expert knowledge in all areas of salt production and adapts to the requirements of each application and market. To be the fore-runner in our industry is essential and part of our values. Whether it be for health & safety, environment or innovation, The Salins Group is actively engaged.

With a history and tradition, the La Baleine brand has developed through the years an impeccable know-how.

In order to give you a pure salt of constant quality, many checks are done systematically from harvesting to packing. All of our sea salts are naturally white, with preserved quality and harvested without any chemical treatment.

Le Saunier de Camargue offers a range of unique salts with a wide variety of textures and flavours, an exquisite accompaniment to everyday dishes and gastronomic creations alike. This salt, harvested by hand and only 6 weeks per year will make your dishes to a delicacy.

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