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Compagnie des Salins


The Salins Group is the only company that has expert knowledge in all areas of salt production and adapts to the requirements of each application and market. To be the fore-runner in our industry is essential and part of our values. Whether it be for health & safety, environment or innovation, The Salins Group is actively engaged.

La Baleine

Historic table salt from the French kitchen, guarantees an original 100% sea salt in your kitchen. La Baleine sea salt is a quality salt that crystallizes in a natural way, combined with the know-how of the salt workers, the rhythm of the sea, the sun and the wind. The production of La Baleine sea salt develops an exceptional biodiversity in the Aigues-Mortes salt factory. Choosing La Baleine is also choosing to preserve this unique nature! Sea salt with naturally white crystals, La Baleine offers you salt in all its forms and for all your culinary inspirations: fine salt, coarse salt, flavored salt, low sodium salts…

Le Saunier de Camargue

Fleur de Sel Le Saunier de Camargue is created by the sea, the sun and the mistral and is the natural product of the South of France.

It is naturally white and is harvested on the Salin d’Aïgues-Mortes with the help of centuries-old expertise. The salt pans are surrounded by unspoiled nature and a rare biodiversity, but they are also an oasis for many species of animals and plants and a place where the Mediterranean Sea and the Camargue country meet.

Fleur de sel Le Saunier de Camargue is a reflection of this generous area and is obviously an essential ingredient in southern cuisine. It reveals the soft flavors of this sunny gastronomy.

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