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IKAS can supply a wide selection and variety of products. A few examples are:

– Sea salt; fine sea salt, coarse sea salt, Fleur de Sel
– Olive oil
– Olives
– Sundries tomatoes, pesto’s, tapenades
– Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP
– Pasta
– Risotto

– Preserved fish
– Soups in tin
– (fruit)sauce in cups en pouches with apples as a base
– Preserved vegetables
– Wild mushrooms, preserved and frozen.
– Lingonberries en cranberries
– Sauces
– Products uit from the Balkan as Ajvar, Pindjur and Vegeta
– Italian ice cream from Calabrië
– Rice

– Jackfruit (burgers, meat substitute, chips)

We have a lot of possibilities for Private Label as well.