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Rice has been a staple-diet of mankind for thousands of years, right back to the “stone-age”.

Until now western society has relied on a few mass-produced types of rice; but at long-last the secrets of a wide range of more exotic and exciting rices is now starting to become available for all of us.

Indeed for a number of years a small handful of discerning connoisseurs have already been aware of the possibilities of these special varieties, thanks to the efforts of Lotao.

Unlike the more common rices that are available everywhere the new Lotao range has something very special because it brings with it a philosophy of life.

This new range brings together a selection drawn from different, often remote, cultures with their hitherto unknown culinary traditions. Centuries of traditions of how to grow, prepare and cook, frequently unique varieties, now give us, in the Lotao selection with mystical tastes and aromas that have in the past survived only in remote areas of the world.

There is even a book that sets out the Lotao philosophy. It explains how mankind can benefit from a society where farmers who grow the rice under fair-working conditios, combined with methods that are socially and environmentally responsible, result in a purity of the rice product that in turn leads to a more pure outlook on life by the consumer.

Nowadays, Lotao has also a variety of Jackfruit products in the assortment, as meat substitute and as chips.

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