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Dessert Manifattura Milano

The-Lab Milano is originated in a traditional workshop. From the beginning, the passion in the choice of raw materials and the processing technique have enabled us to prepare innovative desserts of high quality. Over time, the project has grown and with it the ideas and desire to create novelties every day.  Today we are a major Italian confectionery producer and can be found in various product ranges, dry pastries, single-portion desserts and ice cream.

All our items are produced in the IFS, BRC certified factory to give customers and consumers the assurance of high-quality production processes. We can produce by certifying organic, kosher, halal, vegan/vegetarian products. We have built relationships with key brands for the supply of their raw materials as a declared brand ingredient that characterizes the products, such as Segafredo and Baileys

In a few years we have achieved a distribution in Europe, Asia and Oceania, we have made products for premium chains such as Eataly but also premium private label products for Aldi and lidl.

The philosophy was and remains attention to the consumer, guaranteeing clean labels and high-quality raw materials, as well as to the environment with reusable and fully recyclable packaging, reducing plastic materials.