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Acetaia Terra del Tuono

The mission of Acetaia Terra del Tuono is producing Aceto Balsamic di Modena IGP and Balsamic specialties.

Innovation is one of the company’s spearheads with lasting respect for the traditions that the family has always characterized.

Production is still carried out according to traditional methods, passed from father to son, with absolute natural processes and respect for the millennial traditions of the territory.

We work in harmony with nature, cultivate the vineyards and follow the rhythm of the seasons. The new specialties always come from the traditions and are born of passion and research, to become the classics of the future.

The Balsamic vinegar and condiments are completely natural products, without preservatives, thickeners or colouring material, obtained from 100% Italian top quality raw materials.

The production takes place in Corticella, the ideal place for the production of the specialties.

The location at the foot of the hills in that thin strip of land that unfolds between Secchia and Tresinaro is in fact very special. In this area, summers are very warm, while the winters are cold and humid.  

The different types of grapes come from their own vineyards.

The must is still cooked here for many days at low temperature.

The aging takes place in barrels of different types of wood.

Acetaia Terra del Tuono is specialized in high-quality products.